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  • Structured Cabling

    We proffer quality and complete cabling solutions which can support both data and voice applications. We know that bandwidth and throughput are critical to any business operations, so we take special care in making cabling infrastructure to support current and future needs.

    • Category 5/5e and Category 6 cabling
    • Co-axial and Telephone cabling
    • Patch panel installation
    • Fiber optic and Media-converter installation
  • IT Support

    We deliver high level IT Support with well qualified and experienced Engineers. Offer: Suggest us and get offer upto 40% for your business.

    • Networking Support
    • PC and Laptop software/anti-virus support
    • Connecting to domain and mapping drives
    • Printer, Fax and Projector setup
  • WiFi Hotspot

    We are the first company in Chennai providing managed wifi connections for the customers in hotels and for students in educational institutions. So "Turn your location into wifi hotspot where you can roam within your organization without any internet disconnection"

    • Un-managed (No Password/Open Wifi)
    • Managed-less secure (Same password for all users)
    • Managed-high secure (Separate password for each user)
    • Managed with limited download/time access
  • Telephone Systems

    We are providing PBx/VoIP telephone installation and maintenance support, where you can make free calls inside your organization and simultaneous users can make outside calls via PSTN or through VoIP. This will opt for any businesses like hotels, educational institutions, BPO's, Software companies,etc.,

    • PBx/VoIP telephone installation
    • Less price VoIP offer
    • Call forwarding
    • IVR and auto-attendant
  • DeskHub Installation

    We are dedicated in keeping the users connected to Internet always. Especially providing and installing telecom hospitality equipment like tele-adapter, media hub, desktop pro, desktop hub and wireless radios, etc.,

    • Installation done during structured cabling
    • Connect your laptop to TV via media hub
  • Server Support

    Our server support service provides server installation and maintenance for your windows server. We will help you to use built-in VPN, so you can access any files remotely from any location securely from server.

    • File server support
    • Web server support
    • DNS server support
    • Printer server support
    • Roaming profile for students
  • CCTV Installation

    We offer a complete start to finish CCTV Installation service. We set-up remote view to your CCTV system to allow you to see the place anywhere in the world on your laptop or PC or mobile phones.

    • 4 or 8 channel CCTV setup
    • 16 or 32 channel CCTV setup
    • CCTV remote view set-up
    • Wireless CCTV signal transmission
  • Webmail Support

    We offer webmail support for small and medium scale sectors, large scale sectors and for students/staffs in educational institutions. We provide the link which you can embed into your company/organization website, so users could click that and access their emails.

    • Get your email anywhere in the world
    • unlimited email limits with your domain
    • Example:
  • Audio and Video solutions

    We are providing centralized music systems and guest room TV installation for hotels and resorts, where we make integration with fire-alarm message, general information, background musics etc., We install TV for guests rooms and media hub too where your customers can connect with any kind of cable from laptop and can watch the same in TV.

    • Centralized music in gym, lobby, swimming pool
    • Guest room TV installation
Internet Access Provider

SIG Telecommunication is a Internet Access Provider (IAP) who are getting the leased broadband line from Internet Service provider (ISP) and chunk the lines to provide internet to two or more small businesses. This will help the small and medium business to reduce the broadband usage cost.

Also we provide wireless, WiFi internet connectivity for hospitality, education, retail, business, healthcare, enterprises and so on..

Our Engineers are working in design and plan to get the ISP license and provide WiFi across the city. So you can have your globe in your hand all time without any interruption even when you are in travel, which will be efficient, high speed with low cost. We are believe in our Engineers so the goal will be achieved soon in all major cities first, then other all cities and villages will be followed.

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