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CCTV Security System

No need to pay expensive leased line charges between buildings, or put up with the slow speeds associated with leased lines. Receive blistering speeds with minimal operating costs and ensure that your network is not the slowest link in your companies performance!

Deployment of an outdoor wireless network requires an even greater specialised skillset due to the unique volatile nature of the outdoor environment.

Why do you need CCTV?

CCTV is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime. Not only does CCTV provide a fantastic visual deterrent – footage can be used to provide evidence against anti-social behaviour, theft, vandalism and burglary – saving you thousands in the long run.Typical applications are:

  • CCTV helps to deter thieves
  • View remote locations, including multiple locations at once
  • Safely monitor premises from a control room
  • Provide CCTV evidence to Police to secure a prosecution
  • What we offer?

    We offer an extensive range of surveillance equipment featuring the latest technology and security innovations. We provide a full selection of CCTV cameras, digital recording equipment, monitors and all other essential accessories to ensure effective surveillance.

    What we do?

    Whether you are looking to install an extensive Business CCTV system or smaller Domestic CCTV systems, we can help. From our base in Chennai, we can deliver complete CCTV system support to our clients nationally via our network of professional CCTV installers. We design and install commercial, industrial and home CCTV Surveillance Systems.

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